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how im getting on with my Bucket list

Hi everyone! I Hope you are well and having a great week or weekend whenever you are reading this. Today blog post is going to be about my bucket list and how i am getting on with it. I have done so much of it already and just want to share with you what I have checked off, and also show pictures. I hope you enjoy. 

Here is the first one I posted and the ones with the stars I have done. Yay for me. 


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Go Camping And Look Up At The Stars  

Now I don't have a picture of looking up at the stars but I have a picture of the camping place

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Go To Madam Two Swords, Afternoon Teat and London Eye

Go On A Safari 

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That is the first list I have already done the zorbing in another post a video and if you would like to see that check here -

 Meet A Penguin


Go See Stonehenge

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Ride In A Limo

Travel Park 

I did a travel part to this but I don't want to make this post to long so I have been to florida and I have do a post about this, I have a Italy trip coming up very soon we have a trip to wales over Christmas. Next year we are travelling to Greece, Scotland and Tenerife. 

hope you all enjoy <3 



  1. It's so cool to see that you're ticking things off your bucket list and living life! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. no problem Izzy thanks for the comment :D

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    1. i am now following you on insta :D thanks for the lovely comment :D

  3. This is just such a cute post! The dolphin pics are adorable!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  4. Great post.

  5. Swimming with dolphins is so amazing! We just got to do it this summer as well. It was unforgettable

  6. Oh wow, you're doing so well with your bucket list! Swimming with dolphins must have been such a fabulous experience; definitely on my bucket list now too :)

  7. I'm really not getting anywhere with my bucket list... Swimming with dolphins is so cool! :D

    xo Noor

  8. Love this! I swam with dolphins two years ago and that was a tick on my bucket list!

  9. I would loveee to swim with dolphins