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What To Wear In Morocco ? Travel Guide!

Hey lovelies! So i have recently got back from the Beautiful Morocco! It was amazing! And I am going to be sharing a few blog posts about my stay and tips etc. This post is going to be what I wore in Morocco. I hope this helps people if you are planning a trip and not sure what to wear. I found it very hard when i first started parking and i google so much! Most peoples post i read said to wear long tops or dresses with leggings etc etc. I did take leggings with me but i never wore them!! I had no need to. now i didn't wear short shorts or crop tops etc but i did see many people wearing this and it was totally fine. I really hope you enjoy this post and i will link where I got everything. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it has helped! 



  1. This dress is gorgeous !

  2. Amazing dress! I loved the outfit!

    Jenifer Cruuz

  3. You have the prettiest dresses! I love all of your travel looks!

    District of Chic

  4. So many pretty outfits. We were in Morocco last spring and it was such a beautiful country.