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Kitchen Renovation for under 1.5k!! Budget Renovation

Thursday, 8 April 2021


How much did it COST and how did we get it so cheap?

So below is a price list of everything we paid for the kitchen only... this list doesn't include things like kettle, toaster washing machine etc etc as we already had this stuff from our old house! however I didn't include some items likes the plants etc but I will everything in this post and the price! this is just the price of the kitchen itself! now its super cheap! like really cheap however one of the biggest cost with kitchen is workmen and getting someone to do it for you can cost so much money so we did it our self! we did our kitchen reno in our last place but that was small compared to this but my husband did such a great job!

Things we saved MONEY on...

Kettle Toaster - Already Had
Washing Machine - Already Had
Some of the kitchen units- we got for free of Facebook market and we just changed the doors this saved us so much money.
Worktops - we only need to buy 2 and we was left with some for the coffee area.
Fridge - Already Had
The kitchen area we need was quick small so we didn't actually need to pay for to many units and as I already said most of the units we also got for free.
Big one - labour we do the work our self ( worst part was tiling but we did it!
Carpet at the door was only £5
Windows - the big window was find and all it needed was a clean up and we painted it for only £20 rather than 1,000s on a new one. The other windows does need changing however we are still trying to get quotes in our budget. we aren't in a massive rush to get that changed but its the only window that isn't in the best of condition.

Is it more or less than you through ?

we are so happy with what we paid and are so lucky we where able to do it our self, and honestly anyone can! so what's not on this list that we brought!
Coffee Machine - Both £70
Plants all of them - £15
Bower collection bottles - £5 (discounted)
Ivy dish soap bottle - £1
Tea Towel - £3
Mirror - Free was already at the house
I also forgot to add the door! how annoying this was £30
Door handle was given to me for free!
Skirting broad was left over - Free
Recycling Bins - £23
Art work - £3

I hope you all enjoyed this post ! and I hope its helped some of you! anything is possible! and you can do it!! Have a wonderful day

Our Kitchen Renovation (with Before + After pics)

Thursday, 1 April 2021


I am so excited to finally be sharing this post with you! ever since we looked at this house I have dreamed of this kitchen and I can't believe its done! – and finally, IT'S HERE! This is my dream kitchen makeover and I am so excited to show you the finish kitchen!

It's honestly everything I could have ever wanted in a kitchen. The plants! the sink of my dreams! the worktop! the space!! we have so much space now!

How the space looked BEFORE we did the kitchen renovation:

I honestly can not believe the kitchen used to look like this! omg the floor was so bad! it turned out they had put 4 levels of flooring over tiles it look ages to get off!

This was the other side of the kitchen and we was so unsure what to do with this part for so long! we did have a table and chairs and we found it way to cramped! we knocked out the little cabinets and doors to the left! the door on the right was for the old water tank and when we had the heating/ boiler installed this room was free to use. we didn't want to knock it down as we liked it!

That’s the before and after side by side! its crazy right ?

what do you guys like most?

How the kitchen renovation looked DURING the work:

So this look a couple of days to do the main parts! My husband ripped the old kitchen out while I build the cabniets for the new kitchen this saved so much time! and it meant when he was finished ripping the kitchen out the new one was ready.

No going back now aye?... 





How the our kitchen looks AFTER our renovation…

Here is our lovely kitchen! and the best thing is the doors! we have had them wide open and its so nice!

The Kitchen doors and worktop

Our kitchen is mostly from B&Q as we found this was the cheapest place to go and its where we went for our last kitchen and we loved that! if you want to know the total cost there will be a price list up post up soon! but it was defo on a budget!

Most of the dΓ©cor we actually got from the Poundshop and Ikea at such a great deal! We are trying our best to be plant mad and as eco friendly as possible! we are no way near where we want to be with being eco friendly but we are trying! and have a few things!

more photos anyone....

The Colours

We looked at so many Pinterest broads and Instagram posts of kitchen ideas and kitchen colours and the grey and white we found would fit best in this space, we also liked blue and white however we felt this might be to dark! the room is so open and light we just didn't want to make it any darker! we already painted the doors and windows grey and I felt dark cabinets would just make the whole space to dark for me! I love it on some kitchens but I feel this kitchen it fitted better for us. The worktop was going to be plain white until the day we ordered I notice this one from B&Q it was double the price however I just fell in love and I knew it was the one we had to go for.

Our Best Bits

We hope you like it as much as we do..

Budget Plant Holder Only £1 - HomeAtNine

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Budget Plant Holder Only £1 

So I was shopping yesterday and I wanted to get a new vase for my plants they where sound £5 and I thought that was a little expensive plus flowers where £3 or £5 for two so that would have been £10 for flowers and a pot!! HOWEVER as I turned the corner I noticed this biscuit glass for only £1!!! Like come on it looks amazing!! And then I noticed there beautiful flowers for only £1 so I got two so in total what would of cost £10 cost only £3!! So my advice always looks around!!!

Ivy Leaves Dish Soap ? Did It Work ? - HomeAtNine

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Did It Work? YES!! I love it! 

I am so happy that this worked!! I found this video on tiktok by Thegardencottage and I had so many Ivy leaves in my garden and I am shocked that it worked!! I am so happy

I'm going to be using this to clean everything outside with like my bins garden table etc etc 

Poundshop Items You can Buy For Your Home!

Thursday, 18 February 2021


π’«π‘œπ“Šπ“ƒπ’Ήπ“ˆπ’½π‘œπ“… πΌπ“‰π‘’π“‚π“ˆ π’΄π‘œπ“Š 𝒸𝒢𝓃 π΅π“Šπ“Ž πΉπ‘œπ“‡ π’΄π‘œπ“Šπ“‡ π»π‘œπ“‚π‘’!

Hello everyone I hope everyone is having a great week or weekend! Today I am going to be sharing my favourite Poundshop finds for my home! I honestly love Poundshop and you can find some amazing items in there! I hope you enjoy this post! 

This bin is amazing! and for only £1 its a steal! I love it! I use it for my coffee station for coffee waste and just bits of rubbish! I also got all my coffee and snacks from Poundshop as well! 



Coffee Station Area On A Budget! how much did it cost us ?

Tuesday, 9 February 2021


Kitchen Update

Wednesday, 3 February 2021


Kitchen Process! 

Hello My Lovies! I hope everyone is well! Today's post is going to be a quick kitchen sneak peak! so fair this kitchen renovation has taken a week and we have done all the big stuff and now we have a little bits left to do! I am loving the kitchen so far! and I can't wait to start using it! I hope you enjoy theses process photos and I can't wait to show you all when its all done! 


So this was at the point of when it was all out! this didn't actually take to long and wasn't to bad getting all the stuff out! while my husband was doing this I was building all the units.. we out the rest of the flooring down and then put the units into place.  so this only took a day, the next day we did the worktop and this did take a little time only because we had no room to mess it up! we had to do it right first time! and my husband did an amazing job! I love this work from from B&Q! It wasn't our first pick but we spent a bit more money on went with this! all pricing and where we got everything will be up when the kitchen  finished! and you guys are gonna be shocked at how little this kitchen cost us!!! 


Hallway Renovation Process Photos

Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Hallway Process Photos 

Hello My Lovies! I Hope everyone is having a great week or weekend! today's post is going to be a few photos of the process we have made in the hallway! We have come a long way from what the hallway was! and again the wall paper took the longest! I hope you enjoy the photos! 

Here is a before and after photo of the work we have done! we still have a few bits to do but it looks so much better already! so what have we done ? 

  • Changed the flooring 
  • Taken the wallpaper off 
  • Painted - Still need to do touch up and 1 more coat
  • Put a blind up 
  • We have a radiator! still need to cover pipes
  • Got a radiator cover
  • Got very cheap moveable carpet for entrance 
  • Put the Ring alarm up 
  • Changed the light switch 
  • Added a plug socket 

what we have left to do not say above 

  • Take carpet off on stairs 
  • Add runner 
  • Change Front Door 

All New Instagram - Home At Nine

Thursday, 14 January 2021

We Are On Instagram!

Good news for Instagram lovers like myself! we are on Instagram! where we post daily photos, stories and sometimes reels.  Here is the link and some of the photos! we mostly do before and after photos! its nothing glam! all the bad stuff to about renovating! and some homely chill days. We are also planning on doing more clean with me stuff on there and I have set up another YouTube account where I plan on getting back onto YouTube with my cleaning videos. 


Closet room renovation

Wednesday, 13 January 2021


Closet Room Renovation 

Hello My Lovelies! I hope you are all having a great week or weekend! Today's post is going to be anohter room update! Can't believe we have done two rooms already! its so exciting! I am going posting all the photos here and I hope you enjoy the process as much as we do. 

At first this bedroom as going to  be made into a office space! but last minute we through this spare would be perfect for a closet! it was just the right size and we can use our other spare room as our office! I am so glade we did this! it makes things so much easier when doing washing! everything's all in one space! apart from the washing machine haha! but we have all our clothes on one side! washing baskets on the other! a place for clothes that need to be ironed a ironing broad! and space for our shoes! we have also added a telly so when I sort out in here I have something to watch! its amazing.

we took down all the wallpaper! this was a massive pain as it just wouldn't come off! but we did it! and we just painted it with a grey and I love this colour! 

We personally don't like carpet so we went with flooring! and I love this colours! we had some broads left over from our front room! so we used then here! the wardrobe we got given to us and also the chest of draws! the grey baskets we already had from our flat.  we used the Ikea shoe racks as they are only £3 and they took amazing! they are easy to move around or fold away if not needed. for the clothes we just got two poles from BnQ and put them up . I love this room and its made laundry so much easier! I hope you all enjoyed.